For East Juniata and Greenwood seniors a yearbook photograph is provided to your school for no charge if you come to the studio on the open yearbook schedule dates or make an appointment for a full senior session. The yearbook photo is a simple close-up formal photo, and free proofs will be mailed to you so you can select your favorite pose for your 2020 senior yearbook. This service is FREE and retouching is also FREE!

No appointment necessary for the following:
Thurs. Aug 1 3:00pm-6:00pm
Tues. Aug. 6 12:00pm-4:00pm
Mon. Aug. 19 11:00am-3:00pm


1 outfit 15 minutes $15 

2 outfit 30 minutes $30 

3 outfit 45 minutes $45 

4 outfit 60 minutes $60 

Add a location within 15 miles of the studio to any session $60 plus a $200 deposit.



Clothing-Have fun with your clothing. Pick things that show your persona and some classic stuff to please Mom too. Solid colors photograph best and if you’re worried about looking too heavy in photos, wear long sleeves and darker colors, this helps to slim you. If you can’t decide on your outfits, bring a few extra and I will be happy to help.
Ideas- All of your ideas are welcome at the studio. Many times a client will come to me with a new idea and we will try it and then my mind will take over and we’ll get lots of other ideas too. The senior sessions are meant to be fun and that’s what I do… have fun!
Props- Bring your Dad’s antique car or bring a few of your favorite sports things, or nothing at all, the studio has lots of props. Remember if you bring lots of things, it will take a lot of time out of your session to set them up in the photo, so less may be more, but if those things are very important to you, then bring them.
Pets- You are welcome to bring your pets, but please bring someone to take care of them while you are being photographed. Pets are welcome in the studio only for their photograph, then they must go back outside. Animals are always nervous going to a new place so a crate is a good idea so they have a safe place to stay while they're not being photographed.
Rain- If it’s raining the day of your session, please still come for your scheduled appointment. If the rain stops we’ll still photograph your outside photos and if it doesn’t we’ll schedule another time to come back for the outside shots.
Blemishes and sunburns- Don’t worry about blemishes or a small scratch the day of your appointment, all of your final portraits will be retouched. Please try not to get excessive sun before your session, bad sunburns do not photograph well and are difficult to retouch.
Please do not be late for your session or excessively early either. Please try not to come more than 10 minutes early because it interrupts the session before you, and if you are early, be prepared to wait until your scheduled appointment time. If you come late, you will miss out on part of your session or have to reschedule altogether.